Bilingual education: the beginning of the International School of Nantes

For the next school year, a new one is set to open its doors in Pays de la Loire. Teaching will be… Read more

On course for the Franco-British Offshore Wind & Tidal Event

The Pays de la Loire Economic Development Agency took part in the Franco-British Offshore Wind & Tidal Event. Organised in Paris on… Read more

Natural Power

A pioneer in MRE, Natural Power has chosen Nantes as its home port

Natural Power has been established in Nantes since 2010. The Scottish group decided to move its French head office to Nantes in… Read more

Invest in Western France

Pays de la Loire: fertile grounds for international investment

The Pays de la Loire has seen significant growth in both the number of foreign companies setting up facilities in the region,… Read more

Pixium Vision IRIS II Vision restoration system

World first in Nantes: blind man gets bionic retina

The futuristic operation was recently performed in Nantes’ University Hospital. Thanks to an epi-retinal implant equipped with 150 electrodes, a blind patient… Read more

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