The hospital of the future begins in Pays de la Loire

A call for expressions of interest has just been launched to leverage the links between university hospitals and digital experts. Supported by… Read more

HRV, virtual reality serving the best professional gestures

H for haptics, the science of touch and RV for virtual reality – HRV, located near Laval, develops a range of innovative… Read more

Arronax © Region des Pays de la Loire – PB. Fourny

Nantes: high hopes for new isotope in cancer treatment

Researchers in two Nantes laboratories have made a discovery with the potential to transform the specialty of nuclear medicine. Their work with… Read more

Healthcare innovation

Nantes: digital innovation at the bedside of the future

Healthcare innovation is a Pays de la Loire priority. And the brand new university hospital in Nantes will play a big part… Read more

Pixium Vision IRIS II Vision restoration system

World first in Nantes: blind man gets bionic retina

The futuristic operation was recently performed in Nantes’ University Hospital. Thanks to an epi-retinal implant equipped with 150 electrodes, a blind patient… Read more

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