HRV, virtual reality serving the best professional gestures

H for haptics, the science of touch and RV for virtual reality – HRV, located near Laval, develops a range of innovative… Read more

Digital Innovation: new French Tech labels in the Pays de la Loire

The French government has launched a new wave of French Tech labels. The cities of Laval and Le Mans as well as… Read more

Business France visits the Pays de la Loire

Business France visits the Pays de la Loire: a journey through territories of innovation

In early spring, the Pays de la Loire region hosted a visit by the Business France network. Representatives from seven offices, including… Read more

EON’s Idome: a shared dive into virtual reality

  The American company EON Reality, recently arrived in Laval (Pays de la Loire region), has just opened the Idome, an innovative… Read more

EON Reality Inc. inaugurated EON Reality SAS at Laval

EON Reality Inaugurated Edutainment Hub In The Virtual Reality Capital Of Laval, France On November 3rd And 4th EON Reality SAS to… Read more

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