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Just like Robin Hood, Trovolone puts the most powerful resources into the hands of the smallest. Its RobeenBox allows small organisations to benefit from efficient, secure digital services at a low cost. Interview with Téodor Chabin, co-founder of the Le Mans-based start-up.

Why did you create Trovolone?

I’m an engineer by training, and I worked in the defence industry as a cyber security expert. With my partner, Hélène Bernardini, we founded Trovolone in 2014 to put this know-how at the service of small organisations, whether they be SMEs or local authorities, and democratise digital technologies.

What is the purpose of the RobeenBox, your flagship product?

The Robeen BoxIt is a digital box made in France and unique in the world. Compact, with a simple administration interface, it brings together several functions useful for all professionals (telephone centre, storage server, file sharing, VPN…) whilst being secure and financially accessible*.

Where are you up to with marketing?

In a short time period, we have already attracted around thirty customers: small organisations, and also large groups that wanted to equip their local agencies. We have signed our first partnerships for commercial distribution in France. Internationally, we are supported by the German government, and have signed a partnership with the Global Cyber Alliance in the USA.

What are your targets for 2017?

We will be at the CES at the beginning of the year to gain brand awareness on an international scale and find American distributers. The major challenge in 2017 will be to rapidly roll-out our concept on the market both in France and abroad. For this, we are preparing to raise 20 million Euros in financing.

* The RobeenBox costs €2,950 excluding tax. Installation is included as well as updates and telephone support throughout the product’s life cycle.


Created in 2014 and based in Le Mans, Trovolone has around ten employees. Its revenue has not been disclosed for the moment.

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Trovolone, the Robin Hood of cyber security