The Pays de la Loire Regional Agency will participate in the next International Food Fair. At this landmark event, Business France is organising a seminar to demonstrate the French advantage followed by a BtoB meeting.

SIAL 2016 global food innovation meeting will take place in Paris from October 16 to 20. 160,000 trade visitors are expected. It is the opportunity for the Business France Network to put a spotlight on French expertise in the field with an unprecedented promotional campaign.

Designed for industrial and foreign investors potentially interested in setting up in France in the short or medium term, this will consist of an Investors’ Day seminar, at which around a hundred foreign companies are expected to attend.

Focus on the Pays de la Loire and business rendezvous

The Regional Agency will present the advantages of the Pays de la Loire. Indeed, the region is particularly talented in food innovation, the subject of a pioneering approach to Research Training and Innovation (RFI in French). The Director of the RFI Cap Aliment will also be present.

Following the seminar, the Regional Agency will also participate in around a dozen BtoB meetings. The aim is to meet with project leaders who have been identified by Business France Invest network overseas, and perhaps launch new partnerships in Pays de la Loire.

Further information:

SIAL 2016, the Pays de la Loire food innovation showcase