Business France has just published its annual report on the internationalisation of the French economy. In 2016, all national records were broken. The Pays de la Loire was certainly no exception.

Last year, 1,117 physical investments in France were made by foreign entrepreneurs. The results, a rise of 16% compared to 2015, also resulted in the creation and conservation of 30,108 jobs. These figures, from the 2016 foreign investment results by Business France, illustrate the attractiveness of the area and are consistent with the outstanding dynamics observed in Pays de la Loire, especially in the industrial sector as well as R & D.

64 international investment projects

30 business establishment projects were successful in 2016, 30% of which were accompanied by the Pays de la Loire Regional Agency. Including extensions and takeovers, no fewer than 64 international investment projects have been identified in the region.

This helped to create and maintain 2,154 jobs: thanks to a takeover (such as the Company Société atlantique d’applications mécaniques by the Indian aerospace group Aequs), activity expansion (such as the Finnish Huhtamaki company in Vendée) and the establishment of a new plant (the Italian, Lattonedil at la Roche-sur-Yon).

Germany, the leading investor

In 2016, more than half of foreign investment in Pays de la Loire was related to industrial production and business services, and 23% was of German origin. Our European neighbours are the leading investors : Germany is followed by Italy (14%), while the Netherlands is on the podium of the countries that created the most jobs in Pays de la Loire last year.

But the Pays de la Loire also attracts investors from all around the world: US companies thus represented 13% of foreign investment in 2016 and are the ones that created the largest number of jobs. A strong interest has been observed by Chinese Enterprises and a significant growth is expected in their investments in the coming years. Most of the nine foreign delegations hosted by the regional agency last year were indeed from the Middle Kingdom.

Record year for foreign investment in Pays de la Loire!