Virtual reality: a major vocation – at international level


Long before other territories began to take an interest in these matters, the Pays de la Loire saw momentum building in terms of interest in – and knowledge of – virtual reality.

Today, this is being transformed into the creation of economic activity and jobs. The territory makes no secret of its ambition in this domain, and is busy laying the groundwork that will secure it pride of place onthe international landscape. The network of exemplary competences now being deployed on this project has played its part in the recent announcement of EON Reality‘s arrival…
With the Clarté platform as well as the key player that is Laval Virtual, and with specialized training courses – ESIEA in Laval, ENSAM in Angers, the École de Design in Nantes – and such new facilities as the CIRV industrial virtual reality centre in Montoir and the Cité de la Réalité Virtuelle in Laval – the economic fabric being woven is very complete.

The Pays de la Loire thus demonstrates this particularity of not limiting virtual reality to research alone, choosing instead to provide it with the means to irrigate the business world.
At a time in which Europe is calling upon its territories to position themselves in the smart specializations field, our region has chosen to make the whole IT/electronics sector key to the future of the regional economy. Virtual reality is a top priority in this ambitious outlook.

Presentation of the virtual reality sector in Pays de la Loire