Maplink, a Brazilian company specialised in cloud-based geolocation and logistics solutions, acquired Optilogistic, the editor of the Axiodis transport planning software based in Angers. Both companies very profitably came together with their respective technologies and business skills, bringing about dynamic growth in Angers.

Since its acquisition by Maplink, in 2016, the Optilogistic company based in Angers has substantially developed. It has nearly doubled its workforce, which now accounts for almost 50 employees, with a turnover that totalled nearly 3 million euros in 2017, versus 2.4 M€ the previous year. The company recently moved to new premises in the business district of Saint-Laud avenue in Angers. Its association with Maplink will enable it to benefit from its shareholder’s product features, while the Brazilian operator is also putting emphasis on the acceleration of its development in France and in Europe.

The Optilogistic software solution devised for the planning and optimising of logistic operations, has indeed been enriched with the geolocation features derived from Maplink historical solutions. And the merger of both companies should foster growth perspectives. The development of a new generation cloud-based logistics platform, on both traditional BtoB logistics markets and the new e-commerce markets in which products are directly delivered to consumers, is among their objectives.

PASCA, a logistics cluster in the Pays de la Loire region

PASCA (Pôle Achats Supply Chain Atlantic), which gathers economic and institutional players, is both a collaborative procurement and logistics platform and a regional innovation platform whose objective is to boost the performance and competitiveness of businesses and territory as a whole.

PASCA, as a link between businesses and the academic realm, focuses on the setting up of clusters of thematic and collaborative projects. Its fields of intervention are regional major industries (renewable marines energies, airspace, food-processing), as well as the identification of projects for the sharing of logistics and/or procurement services.


The development of Optilogistic, in Angers, thanks to the Brazilian Maplink company