Tuesday 14 November brought with it a new ‘Oscar’ for Puy du Fou, France’s second largest theme park, in the shape of the Hall of Fame Award. The award was bestowed on Puy du Fou in Orlando, Florida, thanks to its creator Philippe de Villiers, in the presence of 5 000 guests at the IAAPA Attractions Expo 2017. The IAAPA is the largest international trade association for amusement parks worldwide.

The honour is the fifth global award won by Puy du Fou in just five years. The prestigious Hall of Fame Award was presented to Puy du Fou in recognition of Philippe de Villiers’ involvement which was deemed ‘an extraordinary contribution in the evolution and the development of theme parks around the world’. Thanks to de Villiers, Puy du Fou secures a place in the theme parks Hall of Fame, confirming its worldwide status in the areas of leisure time and entertainment.

The very first recipient of this Hall of Fame Award was M. Walt Disney. This is the first time that this global honour has been received by someone from France. The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) is the largest international association in the theme park sector. Each year, the association appoints an international jury to select the prize winner from amongst 5000 members worldwide.

2017, the year of the Park’s 40th anniversary

The praise for the extraordinary artistic adventure of Puy du Fou and its creator, Philippe de Villiers, coincides with the Park’s 40th anniversary. The international jury voted overwhelmingly in favour of the visionary creation of a new style park in 1977 and the exceptionally high quality of the development and execution of the project since that time.
The chairman of the jury paid tribute to the visionary, the entrepreneur and the story writer embodied in Philippe de Villiers.

This latest accolade, awarded for the first time to a French recipient, upholds the special place France’s second largest theme park holds in the international arena. For the millions of visitors who come to Puy du Fou each year, their overwhelmingly positive experience owes much to both the creativity and the commitment to authenticity which has been at the heart of the Park’s strategy since its foundation and which now takes centre stage on an international platform.

Further information: www.puydufou.com/en

Puy Du Fou Enters The Global Theme Park Hall Of Fame