The Pays de la Loire recently welcomed a Dutch delegation. It was a great opportunity to demonstrate the dynamism of regional industry, but also to strengthen ties with the Netherlands who recently opened a business support office in Nantes.

On November 24, a Dutch delegation led by Ed Kronenburg, Ambassador of the Netherlands in France, visited Nantes and Saint-Nazaire.

dutch-delegation-gemontoirThe program aimed to highlight the industrial know-how of the Pays de la Loire and included a tour of the new GE plant (constructing platforms and offshore wind turbines) which the ambassador found impressive. During the visits, the participants were shown around various STX shipyard workshops, and were just as impressed. They were then invited for lunch by Laurent Castaing, chief executive of STX France.

In the afternoon, the delegation went to Nantes to visit the workshop of the amazing Machines de l’Île following a short stop at the newly opened Netherlands Business Support Office. In March, the Netherlands chose the Pays de la Loire to establish their second business support office located in France: trade should therefore accelerate in the coming months.

The Pays de la Loire strengthens ties with the Netherlands