The Nantes conurbation is in significant demographic growth. A phenomenon that would be explained by its attractiveness as a city, according to the latest rankings issued by the Great Place to Work Institute. Nantes has moved up to fourth place in the Institute’s poll to discover the French city to which people most aspire to come and work.

For one in two French people, day-to-day quality of life is the primary consideration for well-being at work. Climate plays an essential role—the search for the sun boosts the economic development of cities in the south of France, and the 2015 study by the Great Place to Work Institute confirms the trend—the leading cities in which the French would most like to work are Bordeaux, Toulouse and Montpelier.

Further north, Nantes (Pays de la Loire region) takes fourth place, up from sixth in 2014, with some 24% of French employees expressing it as their first choice of a desirable place to work.

A dynamic city

Nantes certainly enjoys its mild coastal climate, but can also boasts many other solid benefits: its youthful, creative, multi-cultural population, first rate cultural life, excellent rail and air links to Paris and abroad, and dynamic economic ecosystem are among the concrete arguments with which the city has beaten its larger competitors (Paris, Marseilles, and Lyon) in the Great Place to Work ratings.

*Data from a survey of a representative sample of 1,000 French employees.

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Pays de la Loire : Nantes ranks high as an attractive place to work