© Region Pays de la Loire - M. Gross

© Region Pays de la Loire – M. Gross

The attractiveness of Pays de la Loire has just been demonstrated by a study on the establishment of foreign companies in France. With its advantages and positioning, the region is the leader of the entire Atlantic coast for attracting international investment. Its positive dynamics have increased in pace in recent months.

Whether in industry or new technologies, the Pays de la Loire is attractive to international investment. Recently, this has led to the establishment of Eon reality in Laval, of Faith in Angers and of PA.Cotte in Nantes.

A study by the INSEE (French National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies) highlights the Pays de la Loire region as the most attractive region of the west and south of France for foreign investors. In 2013, nearly 2200 regional companies depended on a decision centre abroad.

These foreign companies employ 76,300 people (9.1% of the Pays de la Loire sector) and are mainly concentrated in the Sarthe and Loire-Atlantique departments. They are linked mainly to groups in Germany (23%), the US (19%) and the UK (12%) and produced a combined wealth of €4.8 billion in 2013.

Accelerating dynamics

The western half of France is at a geographic disadvantage compared to the Parisian metropolis and the east, closer to the French and European decision-making centres. However, the Pays de la Loire is exceptional because of its advantages, including the quality and structure of its industrial sectors, with high-level talents and qualifications, but also because of a strong political will.

Historically, the Pays de la Loire was not internationally oriented. Its international positioning evolved in recent years, particularly through the promotion actions of the Regional Agency and the support for projects to set up in the territory. This strategy is paying off: in 2015, no fewer than 16 foreign companies set up new businesses in the region, compared to 9 in 2014.

Pays de la Loire, the first choice of international investors on the Atlantic coast