Web2Day 2016

In June, the Regional Agency welcomed two African digital startups, which are looking at setting up in Pays de la Loire. An itinerary was specially designed for them to discover the regional ecosystem’s quality and its collaborative working approach.

Even in the digital industry, there is no substitute for face-to-face meetings in order to create business synergies. At the last Web2day, an international digital trade show held once a year in Nantes, the Regional Agency hosted a startup from Benin which is considering locating its European R&D center in Pays de la Loire.

During this visit, the company’s founder had an opportunity to speak with the Chairman of the Regional Council, Bruno Retailleau, and the main local digital players (including the competitiveness cluster Images & Réseaux, ADN Ouest and Atlantic 2.0) presented the assets of Nantes and Pays de la Loire.

Creating links through connected objects

COC-2016In June, the Regional Agency also welcomed the first North African startup specialised in the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine communication. Founded in 2010, this Tunisian company would like to set up a sales office in order to enter the French market, and was attracted by the richness of the ecosystem in Pays de la Loire, as well as the presence of clusters devoted to innovation.

The town of Angers, which has been awarded the French Tech label for IoT, naturally stood out as a prime location. The Regional Agency therefore organised a visit to the Cité de l’Objet Connecté and took the opportunity of the first Enova show to be held in Angers to introduce the Tunisian company to potential clients and partners, such as local startup Qowisio.

Collective strength

In addition to the networks and means provided to encourage and support the arrival and growth of foreign companies, these visits were an opportunity for the African startups to see the importance of collective working approaches in Pays de la Loire. Whether its through an open innovation strategy or business partnerships, local digital players have a collective culture and come together to “hunt as a pack”. Together we are stronger!


Pays de la Loire: a digital ecosystem with an international outlook