PA.Cotte - © F. Thual

© F. Thual

The Swiss group PA.Cotte aims to create a range of high tech products for the luxury industry. The figurehead of this ambitious goal, a dedicated R & D centre, was established in Nantes.

Still a mystery, the first product to emerge from the new PA.Cotte R & D centre is to be protected by a diamond-covered titanium skin. This combines “cutting-edge technologies in the fields of mechanics, mechatronics, electronics, cloud and nanotechnology” and will be released end of 2017 with a price tag of €200,000. The ambitious objective is to achieve 1,000 sales per month (for an annual turnover of 2.4 billion euros).

€15 million has been invested to build the 1,200 m² R & D centre on the outskirts of Nantes specialising in luxury high tech goods. Eventually, a range will be marketed by the French subsidiary of the Swiss PA.Cotte group who aims to become one of the world’s leading luxury technological goods suppliers. The creation of many job positions is already planned beginning with a dozen engineers by the end of the year. The 27-people team is expected to double within three years.

The Pays de la Loire region: industry and competitiveness expertise

The Pays de la Loire is a strategic choice. Indeed, the area is the centre for many skill sets in the industry and new technologies, including machining, mechanics and electronics. Dynamic and pleasant, Nantes is attractive, thereby facilitating recruitment, while the cost of labour is lower than in Switzerland.

PA.Cotte: Nantes, a dedicated luxury high-tech goods R & D centre