The electrical sub-station at Belgian wind farm RentelRentel has engaged STX France following a highly competitive Europe-wide bidding process. The orderfor a wind farm electrical substation that will be sited off the coast of Belgiumrepresents 280 000 hours of work for the Saint-Nazaire shipyard.

Historically, STX France is a shipbuilder, and indeed its order book is currently healthy thanks to several prime contracts for new vessels. But the difficulties the firm encountered a few years ago impelled the group to diversify.

Now its new-found expertise in the marine renewables places the company at the front line of the sector’s development in France—and is starting to bear fruit internationally. A Dong order to supply an English offshore wind farm, has now been followed by a similar project for Rentel, off the coast of Belgium.

STX France: new international success in offshore wind

These first practical results from the CERVO research project open up new prospects for surgery, and other applications are being evaluated. The success is also an illustration of the impressive potential of virtual reality in health care, industry, and business. The Pays de la Loire Region—host to the Clarté national research centre, the Laval Virtual business event and the Industrial Virtual Reality Centre—is once again confirmed as a sector pioneer…

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Offshore wind: Belgium’s Rentel farm will draw on STX France’s marine expertise