Arronax © Region des Pays de la Loire – PB. Fourny

© Région des Pays de la Loire – PB. Fourny

A decisive boost for the Atlanpole Biotherapies-approved FIRM project has just been announced—the sector grouping has been granted a public subsidy of €10 million. The objective: to develop radioisotope production for medical applications.

Nuclear medicine is a rapidly growing field. Radioisotopes and gamma radiation have a wide range of uses including pure scientific research, in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as cancer, as well as in applications such as the sterilization of equipment.

Approved by the Atlanpole Biotherapies competitiveness cluster, the FIRM project allies five industrial and academic partners, including two in the Pays de la Loire: the Arronax public-private partnership and the École des mines de Nantes’ Subatech laboratory. It aims to develop industrial production of innovative radioisotopes for medical applications with the objective of assuring wide choice for the healthcare professions.

Key support

The French government has undertaken to finance two-thirds of the FIRM project’s budget, some €10 million, within the framework of its “Investing for the future” tendering process, under the rubric of “Enhancing competitiveness.” This significant funding represents a clear recognition of the radiopharmaceutical sector’s strategic importance.

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“The Pays de la Loire Region has been at the forefront of research on radiopharmaceuticals for over 35 years […] This dynamic development is actively supported by Atlanpole Biotherapies competitive cluster that brings together all those involved in the sector under the banner Isotop4Life”.

Further information on Isotop4Life and Arronax

Nuclear medicine: €10 million for FIRM project