The British consortium Neva Aerospace, a specialist of the design of aerial robots, is to establish a production plant in Angers. This is good news for the regional drone industry, which has just created a cluster of 90 businesses.

European Sustainable Propulsion (ESP), a company dedicated to the production of static thrust electric turbines for the aircraft and drone industry, was created in the Angers Loire airport hub. This Neva Aerospace’s subsidiary is in charge of producing, assembling and flight-testing electric turbines. The objective of this company, which started its activity in March 2018 with 5 people, is to reach more than 15 employees within three years.

Innovation is definitely in the DNA of this production unit. The turbines that it will produce will be 2 to 3 times more efficient than current electric turbines. Capable of supporting weights from a few kilos to 2 tons at take-off, they are destined for sectors such as load lifting devices, humanitarian operations, air ambulance services, transportation of goods, the police and the army.

This promising establishment reflects the dynamism of the industry of the future in Pays de la Loire, especially in the sector of drones. A cluster — named Cluster DroneS Atlantique — has thus been organised around the Nantes Saint-Nazaire Chamber of Commerce. It already gathers 90 businesses that have been multiplying projects and developed on this new activity.

The Cluster DroneS Atlantique:

Neva Aerospace selected Angers: Drones will take off in Pays de la Loire