Nantes - Saint-Nazaire Port - chinese investors

The Regional Agency has accompanied the company ADG logistics to develop exports to China from the port of Nantes – Saint-Nazaire. This partnership is already bearing fruit and should soon be followed by others.

Nantes - Saint-Nazaire Port - chinese investorsEarly this year, the first ADG containers left the port of Nantes – Saint-Nazaire for China. The Chinese company, a logistics specialist, has benefited support from the Regional Agency in order to meet many key entities in the Pays de la Loire likely to export their products to Asia, particularly in the food industry. In the first year, traffic on this new trade route should be about one hundred

During the last International Agriculture Trade Fair (February 27 to March 6, Paris), other partnerships with Chinese companies were established. The outlook is promising for companies in the region as well as for the Nantes – Saint Nazaire Port.

A Concrete Partnership with Chinese Investors

Over the past three years, Nantes − Saint Nazaire Port and the Pays de la Loire Regional Agency have assisted Chinese investors in their canvassing of French firms based in Greater Western France, notably in the agri-foodstuffs sector. The contacts that have been made are both promising and on the increase.

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Nantes – Saint Nazaire Port: a new trade bridge with China