Centre d'excellence Nikon Nantes

Founded on a partnership between academic bodies in Nantes and the Japanese imaging giant, the Nikon France excellence center has just opened in Pays de la Loire. It is a first in France and great news for Nantes researchers.

Apex (UMR Panther INRA / Oniris) and MicroPicell (University of Nantes) have acquired high-tech Nikon microscopes for in vivo imaging. By joining together, the research platforms were then able to partner with the Japanese manufacturer to create the Nikon center of excellence in Nantes, Pays de la Loire. This is the first in France, Europe’s eighth and the fifteenth in the world.

Since May, the center now offers a hundred researchers access to the two photon A1RMP microscope, the A1R FLIM (fluorescence lifetime measurement) and the structured illumination SIM super resolution microscope. Nikon is responsible for the maintenance of the three microscopes and can answer specific requests from scientists who will use them in their research.

Team spirit first

Nikon’s decision to establish its first French center of excellence in Pays de la Loire was also motivated by the quality and diversity of the teams, infrastructures and research projects either populating or being conducted in the region. The region also boasts a strong international focus, witnessed by its management of the Connect Talent call for projects, which helps to attract extremely gifted, high-calibre researchers.

The Nikon center of excellence will promote synergies between research players, already a strong advantage of the Nantes metropolis. It will also play an important role in the NExT project (Nantes Excellency Trajectory), candidate for the second national program of future investments, which aims to strengthen the Nantes expertise in health and industry of the future.

Nantes hosts the first Nikon France Center of Excellence