Photo by NEC Corporation of America - CC by 2.0

Photo by NEC Corporation of America – CC by 2.0

Healthcare innovation is a Pays de la Loire priority. And the brand new university hospital in Nantes will play a big part in that future, exemplified by the return of international researchers such as Pierre-Antoine Gourraud, now returning to France after seven years in California’s Silicon Valley.

Atlanpole sketches the profile of one of Nantes’ most prominent biologists Dr. Pierre-Antoine Gourraud, who has a particular interest in multiple sclerosis.

An appointment as an associate professor at the University of California led Dr Gaurraud to Silicon Valley. There he successfully launched a company, Methodomics, while acquiring a sound understanding of the Valley’s entrepreneurial spirit along the way. He plans to import that ethos back to Nantes, and promote the transformation of the fruits of medical research into marketable products and services.

Back in France to join the kidney transplant unit at Nantes’ university hospital (CHU), Dr Gourraud plans to continue his research studying immunology and genetics using big data techniques, a position that clearly orients him in the world of the new technologies which are transforming healthcare, and that will be at the heart of the future CHU.

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