Vendée - offshore wind turbines

France is committed to a pro-active approach to the development of the marine renewable energies. The emergence of this new industrial sector has become a concrete reality in the Pays de la Loire, justifying its claim to be the leading French region in the sector. The Scottish giant Natural Power established a branch office in the region in 2010.

“Nantes is a city with a high quality of life for all generations, and we’ve certainly had no problem recruiting high quality candidates to come and work here. Our Paris office is our shop window, but it’s the Nantes-Saint-Nazaire axis that we see as the focus for future growth.”

For more, read an interview with Thierry Ripoche, CEO of Natural Power France, at :

Natural Power, the UK expert with a home port in Nantes

The Scottish group Natural Power is a global pioneer in the marine renewable energies. Their expertise in surveys, audits and project management is made readily available to local companies through its Nantes office, opened in 2010. An interview with Thierry Ripoche, the CEO of Natural Power France […]

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Marine renewable energies: Pays de la Loire, a forward operating base for Natural Power