© Djoach via Wikimedia Commons - CC BY-SA 4.0

© Djoach via Wikimedia Commons – CC BY-SA 4.0

The Pays de la Loire is internationally renowned for its shipbuilding expertise. Harmony of the seas, the latest addition to STX France‘s Saint Nazaire projects, is the world’s largest cruise ship and the best possible advertisement for this regional prowess.

At 362 m long by 66 m wide, the 18-deck cruise ship Harmony of the Seas is longer than three football pitches placed end to end and as high as a thirty-storey tower block! Its size, its technical complexity, and the innovative methods used in its construction makes it the jewel in the crown of the Pays de la Loire shipbuilding industry.

At sea, the giant ship will play host to up to 6,360 passengers, served by a crew of 2,100. This February, STX welcomes the public aboard, enabling visitors to admire the design and fittings in the ship’s 60,000 square meters of internal space. Future cruise passengers will enjoy a theater, a casino, an ice rink, several restaurants and swimming pools, as well as three huge slides and a Central Park!

Pays de la Loire, shipbuilding territory

More than 2,500 STX France workers and sub-contractors have been involved in the building of the Harmony of the seas, which is packed with innovative technology. Its construction in the record time of one year is proof, if proof were needed, of the dynamism of the shipbuilding ecosystem at Saint Nazaire, which has also launched such other giants of the sea as the legendary Normandie, France, and Queen Mary 2.

The world’s newest and largest cruise ship will now undergo sea trials before being delivered to its operator, the cruise specialist Royal Caribbean International, in May.

Further information: www.stxeurope.com//UK/harmony_of_the_seas.awp

Harmony of the seas, a giant shop window for shipbuilding in the Pays de la Loire