35% increase compared to 2012 : the Pays de la Loire Region continues to attract investments in all business activities, including production (52%) and research (16%). The Region now ranks 4th in production and 5th in R&D in France.

The Invest in France Agency (IFA) has recently published the 2013 report on foreign investment in France. The publication provides an opportunity to give an overview of the projects achieved in Pays de la Loire last year and of the first results of the International Hub’s activities. The new organization aims to coordinate the various actions undertaken in the region in terms of internationalization of the economy. Unlike the national trend, which is downwards, the Pays de la Loire region is doing rather well and ranks 6th nationally (in job-creating investment) with a 70% job increase forecasted over the next 3 years.

  • High increase in the number of foreign investment projects in Pays de la Loire

Despite the poor national economic climate, the Pays de la Loire region ranks 7th in the country (in terms of investment projects) with a net increase in the volume of international investment : 31 projects in 2013 against 23 in 2012, representing a 35% growth. If foreign direct investment is down 77% in France (Source : UNCTAD survey, 2013), the foreign-owned companies already present in Pays de la Loire have made the choice to invest in their regional sites (extensions), which confirms the development strategy in the region.

  • The International Hub: a unique scheme in France for regional cooperation among international players

The Regional Agency runs the technical International Hub, on behalf of the Region. It is in charge of the implementation of a   common roadmap for the internationalization of the regional economy. The Hub is composed of the Region, the Regional Agency – Pays de la Loire ‘Territoires d’Innovation’, a State representative, French public agencies (Ubifrance, Coface, BPI), collective authorities (Development Agencies and Economic Development Committees),  the Chamber of Commerce international services and the Regional Chamber of Agriculture.

The Hub has 2 main goals:
•    « International attractiveness of the region », this activity is conducted by the Regional Agency. It focuses on the strategy and the territorial marketing of the various industries and seeks new investors.
•    « Business international development », this activity is conducted together with the international services of the Chamber of Commerce for the regional companies. It provides export assistance and helps develop international partnerships.

  • The 1st results are encouraging

The ‘attractiveness’ activity of the International Hub, set up a year ago by the Pays de la Loire Region, shows promising results with 31 projects recorded in Pays de la Loire for 2013, according to the Invest in France Agency (IFA*), representing some 1,549 new jobs forecasted over 3 years and 316 jobs maintained via:

-> 52% business extension projects
-> 29% take-overs of ailing companies
-> 19% business creation projects

The records also indicates that 21 additional projects were completed in the region, beyond the criteria set by IFA, mainly mergers and acquisitions, representing 76 new jobs and 1,425 jobs maintained. The overall regional result (within and beyond the IFA criteria) shows 1,625 new jobs forecasted over 3 years and 1,741 jobs maintained.

*For information, the projects selected by IFA must generate more than 10 direct new jobs.

  • Profile of foreign investors: European companies in Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

The origin of investment is slightly different in 2013 compared to 2012. Europe remains the leading source region:

-> The Netherlands (with Airbus for a large part) come first, before Germany, for the number of projects (16%) and the number of jobs created with nearly 42% of the total employment figures,
-> The United States rank 3rd with 10% projects

      • The main industries that generated projects and jobs in 2013 are

= Advanced  Manufacturing Technologies* : 39% projects for 60% new jobs
= Chemicals and Plastics generate 16% projects but create only 5% jobs
= Business services : 10% projects and 7% jobs
= Digital and ICT : only 3% projects and 11% jobs
= Agrofoods/Agriculture :  almost 10% projects and only 3% jobs

*Advanced Manufacturing Technologies: New technologies, innovative production techniques and processes

            • FDI 2013 chart in Pays de la Loire :FDI 2013 - Key figures


FDI in Pays de la Loire in 2013: a fruitful engagement