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Pays de la Loire is distinguished by several specialities, from lamb’s lettuce to the Loire wines including brioche, sea salt and even lily of the valley. The regional department responsible for the promotion of these products has chosen a new name for international markets: Food’Loire.

The Pays de la Loire Promotion Service is now called Food’Loire. It is new brand identity that evokes food for both the English and French; it is also a pun in French meaning “crazy about the Loire.” This regional service is dedicated to promoting Pays de la Loire products that will adorn tables worldwide.

Poultry, wines, lily of the valley and more

Pays de la Loire is the second largest agricultural region of France and is notably the leader in organic agriculture as well as in poultry production, as confirmed by its red label quality certificates. The region is also known for its lamb’s lettuce, brioche and excellent sea salt. The food industry represents an annual turnover of €13 billion of which 20% come from export.

Vineyards line the sides of the Loire River. Regional wines, as high in quality as they are diverse, are popular internationally: 440,000 hectolitres were exported in 2015, including to the UK (largest importer by volume) and the US (largest importer by value).

The region is also particularly dynamic in the field of horticulture. Expertise centred around the Maine-et-Loire and Angers hosts the international SIVAL exhibition extending into the Nantes region: 80% of French Lily of The Valley is produced here, making it European leader. The annual turnover of the vegetable sector exceeds €350 million.

International showcase events

Food’Loire allows member companies to reach further, particularly at international fairs. The regional service will be in Africa in October, and then in Northern Europe in November to promote the wines of the Loire Valley, followed by Shanghai in November and Frankfurt in December to represent the food and horticulture sectors.

Throughout the year, other operations will be undertaken to facilitate international market access: for example, Food’Loire organises export prospecting missions and hosts foreign purchasers in the region to put them in touch with local professionals.

This business development strategy is complementary to the policies of the regional council supporting the agricultural sector. A high priority action plan for agriculture in the Pays de la Loire has just been launched in order to reinforce competitiveness and to accompany a move upmarket.

Food’Loire: a new name for the savours of the Loire Valley