The American company EON Reality, recently arrived in Laval (Pays de la Loire region), has just opened the Idome, an innovative 4D projection system that immerses 24 users into an virtual reality environment.

The giant dome in Laval is the only one of its kind in the world. Inside, up to 24 users experience immersive virtual reality. The Idome has a unique screen which is 15m long, 7m wide… and is 4m deep! By curving around the users, and completely occupying their entire field of vision, it gives the impression of being physically present in the scene.

Idome-Laval-2This realism is reinforced by stimulation of all the senses. Very high definition 3D video, surround sound, haptic seating that moves and vibrates, wind and water projectors, and temperature variations combine to create a powerful illusion. But most importantly, each of the 24 users can interact in real time with the projection using built-in sensors. The functionality has numerous applications: most obviously for video-gaming and interactive cinema, but the system will also be valuable for industrial training and generating realistic conditions for 3D research and development.

Laval, in Pays de la Loire: a hub for virtual reality

Five Idomes have already been sold by EON Reality France, a company founded in Laval in 2014. The Laval office of the American company, a world leader in virtual reality, has 19 employees and plans to expand to 150 employees by 2020 with the support of the favorable local business ecosystem. The Mayenne capital also plays host to the internationally renowned business event, Laval Virtual, which assembles numerous sector players at the Laval Virtual Campus.


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EON’s Idome: a shared dive into virtual reality