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The French government has launched a new wave of French Tech labels. The cities of Laval and Le Mans as well as the Vendée Department are among the beneficiaries. This is excellent news that reinforces the Pays de la Loire digital ecosystem, in particular with a view to international development.

The French Tech initiative is intended to identify, label and support the leading digital innovation territories. The aim is to accelerate the development of strategic sectors through networking of stakeholders, granting of dedicated financial aid and export assistance based on international hubs such as New York, Tokyo or Montreal.

The Pays de la Loire region was represented as early as November 2014 with Nantes becoming one of the first cities to receive the French Tech label. In 2015, Angers was also awarded the label as a thematic ecosystem specialised in the internet of things. This summer, 21 new territories joined the French Tech and thematic networks. Three of them are in the Pays de la Loire region: Laval, Le Mans and Vendée.

Laval: EDTech & Entertainment

The Mayenne capital hosts the Laval Virtual, the international reference show on virtual and augmented reality. The city also has a fabric of players specialised in this theme, be they innovative start-ups such as HRV Simulation or global leaders such as Eon Reality, as well as a regional innovation platform, Clarity. So it was logical that Laval be integrated into the EDTech & Entertainment network for which it will be one of the drivers.

La Vendée and Le Mans: Clean tech & Mobility

The city of Le Mans and the La Vendée Department have been awarded the Clean tech & Mobility ecosystem labels. The birthplace of the mythical 24 hour Le Mans car race has devised a development strategy based on new mobility solutions and their business models while La Vendée is focusing on future energies and networks. This Department in the south of the Pays de la Loire region is playing a key role in the emergence of renewable marine energies and the implementation of the Smile smart grid in the west of France.

Digital Innovation: new French Tech labels in the Pays de la Loire