© Nantes - Saint-Nazaire Développement

© Nantes – Saint-Nazaire Développement

A number of digital companies travelled to Quebec in April. The delegation included representatives of local authorities and nearly 100 entrepreneurs from Bretagne and Pays de la Loire. Several new business location projects are already underway.

Nantes – Saint-Nazaire is France’s fastest growing region in terms of employment in the digital sector. This dynamic growth is based on a thriving local ecosystem that has earned Nantes the quality label French Tech.

The French-speaking Canadian city Montreal has also been awarded the French Tech label, while the province of Quebec is the gateway of choice for French entrepreneurs looking to establish a presence in North America.

A delegation of companies was therefore organised in April of this year in order to promote closer links and, for the first time, it also included representatives of several major towns in the west of France. The mayors of Nantes and Saint-Nazaire travelled with the delegation, along with sixty or so companies located in their region.

Company visits and expert conferences

Visitors were immersed in Quebec’s digital market and culture as they visited companies located in several towns around the province and attended the first Quebec Digital Week.

In particular, professionals from Pays de la Loire took part in the high-profile event Web à Quebec and leading conferences with American speakers who rarely come to Europe.

B-to-B meetings and business projects

Several Nantes-based companies also seized this opportunity to set up or officially announce new business projects in Quebec: Obeo (modelling software) was selected following a call for tenders from the Canadian Space Agency, TransWay (ecomobility) entered into a partnership with a local player and Termites Factory (transmedia production) is planning to open an animation studio in Montreal next year.

Furthermore, BeApp and Escale Digitale have decided to join up to form a web and mobile development company with a presence in Montreal and Quebec.

Nantes – Quebec: two-way cooperation

This trip to Quebec was a resounding success and our Canadian friends are keen to visit our side of the Atlantic. A delegation of Quebec-based companies will be coming to Nantes in June for the Web2Day 2016 and the Nuage B business centre, created in Montreal, has recently decided to set up its European base in Nantes.

Digital delegation to Quebec: forging cross-Atlantic links