Inauguration Cite de l'objet connecté - Angers


With the recent inauguration of its Cité de l’Objet Connecté (IOT campus), Angers has endowed itself with an accelerator of innovation in this rising sector. The shared facility harbors international ambition, and has already enabled the town to obtain the label of approval of the Frenchtech IOT ecosystem.

The “Internet of Things” offers significant potential for development in many economic sectors: healthcare, industry, agriculture, services, and business. France’s first networked object campus was inaugurated in Angers in June, at the same time that Japanese giant Faith announced that its Rightsscale subsidiary would also be based in the city.

The Cité de l’Objet Connecté (IOT campus) is a space of 2,000 m², which has been made available by Angers Loire Métropole, and a private company with 17 shareholders in complementary activities, including both large and local enterprises, telecom operators, mutual investment funds, and the Pays de la Loire Startup Development fund. Both central and regional government have contributed to its financing to the tune of €1.5m.

Platform for innovation, motor of growth

Logo-Cite-objet-connecte-AngersWith the aim of passing as rapidly as possible from concept to mass-produced product, the networked object campus will place the latest equipment at the disposal of designers and entrepreneurs (with €2.1m. of investment already planned), and ten staff have already been recruited to support project companies. Their number is expected to double in the coming two years.

Priority is being given to players willing to innovate using open methods: the site will also host the head office of the electronic sector cluster We Network and the Atrium regional innovation platform. The dynamics of the deal has secured for Angers the approval of the Frenchtech as IOT ecosystem, making it the second city in the region to be so-recognized, after Nantes. The networked object campus, together with the mass production of the products it designs, is projected to create more than 400 local jobs in the long term.

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Cité de l’Objet Connecté (IOT campus) in Angers: collaborate to innovate