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Atos, the leader of digital transformation, created a testing facility, in the city of Angers, dedicated to world-class supercomputers. The Group is thus pursuing its development to stay on the cutting edge of a very competitive high-technology. Angers keeps asserting its international reputation in the electronics industry.

Atos, the market leader for big data, cybersecurity, supercomputers and connected working environments, is one of the top European companies of the industry. With 250 employees, the Atos site (formerly Bull) in Angers is a hub for the Group’s supercomputer design and manufacturing business. Atos’ high-performance computing equipment, which is marketed under the Bull brand, is in high demand by large industrial groups and international research institutes.

With its new investment in Angers, Atos is to further enhance the capacity of its machines, up to the “exaflops” level (one billion, billion operations per second!), in a race to reach world-class power. In Angers laboratory, the Group will test its machines, starting in 2019, before delivery to its clients.

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Angers, a Powerhouse for Electronics in France

Angers is again asserting its role as a powerhouse for electronics in France. Since 2014, with its integration to the French Tech programme and the opening of the “Cité de l’Objet Connecté” (City of Connected Objects), the city has been recognised for its technological dynamism. There are nearly 900 companies employing 7,000 people on Angers territory, at the heart of France’s “Great West”, which houses the country’s highest density of electronics manufacturing facilities.

All these assets have earned Angers to be selected to host the 22nd World Electronics Forum (WEF), last October. It was only the second time that this world’s greatest electronics trade show took place in Europe.

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About Angers French Tech: www.angersfrenchtech.com

Angers, Capital of Supercomputers