Thanks to a partnership with the Oak Racing Team located in Le Mans (Pays de la Loire region), the economic development agencies Le Mans Development and Sarthe Development welcomed a Chinese delegation during the 24 Hours of Le Mans on June 11, 2014 gathering CEOs and journalists.

Le Mans Development took the opportunity of the visit of Mr. Fong, CEO of Yardway, in France to introduce him to Mr. Alex Zuckerman, CEO of Fimor. Mr. Fong’s activity is related to railway sector when Mr. Zuckerman’s one is the development of new under sleeper pads in Le Mans site. Fimor is the worldwide leader of polyurethane squeegees.

92 % of the products manufactured in Le Mans site of Fimor are exported in China, USA and Germany.

The three pilots of the car Nr 33 of the Oak Racing team who raced for the first time in Le Mans got the medal of the city as well as the 2 CEOs sponsors.

The 24 Hours of Le Mans welcomed a Chinese delegation on June 2014