In 2014, foreign-owned companies consolidated their presence in the Loire area by making significant investments in the expansion or modernization of their industrial sites.

The publication of the 2014 Annual Report on Foreign Investment in France made by Business France (founded through a merger between Ubifrance and the Invest in France Agency (AFII)) provides the opportunity to give an overview of foreign investment in the Pays de la Loire in 2014 and the results of the Regional International Hub’s activities.

To better understand France’s competitive environment and assess the reality of foreign investments, for its 2014 Annual Report, Business France decided to record investment decisions from the 1st job created and widen the data collection to the different types of investments and establishments.

  • A constant increase in the number of foreign investment projects in Pays de la Loire

The Pays de la Loire region improved its volume of international investments in number of foreign investment projects:

comparison 2013-2014-FDI




* at constant scope


Out of 45 projects identified (with the widened criteria of Business France), these investments represent nearly 930 new jobs planned over 3 years and 470 jobs saved via:




  • An attractive region with a confirmed industrial anchoring

visuelFDI-2– 5th French region* for Production / development
2nd region for machines and mechanical equipment
2nd region for electronic components
3rd region for aeronautical, naval and rail materials
6th French region for R&D, Engineering, Design
6th French region for Services to companies

* in number of projects

A significant increase driven by Germany and the USA, in particular in the sector of Advanced Production Technologies

Germany was the 1st foreign investor in the region in 2014 closely followed by the USA and Italy.countriesFDI





The main industries that generated projects and jobs in 2014 were:

· Advanced Production Technologies: 34% of the projects for 44% of jobs created (Airbus/Netherlands)
· Digital, electronics: 9% of the projects for 35% of jobs created (Accenture/Ireland)
· Services: 13% of the projects for 8% of jobs created
· Energy: 7% of the projects for 5% of jobs created
· Chemicals/plastics industries: 9% of the projects for 4% of jobs created

Examples of Investments decided in 2014 in Pays de la Loire :

CLAAS (Germany)
HEMA (Pays-Bas)
HUHTAMÄKI (Finlande)

  • Key Figures 2014















  •    The International Hub: a mechanism of regional collaboration unique in France

On behalf of the Pays de la Loire region, the Regional Agency drives the International Technical Hub, with the task of implementing the shared road map for the internationalization of the Loire economy and, since 2013, ensuring the coordination of activities. The Hub comprises the Region, the Regional Agency – Pays de la Loire ‘Territoires d’Innovation’, a State representative, French public agencies (Business France, Customs, CCEF, Coface, BPI), territorial authorities (via the Development Agencies and Economic Development Committees), the International CCI and the Regional Chamber of Agriculture. The Hub has 2 main goals:

· “International attractiveness of the region” activity, conducted by the Regional Agency, focuses on the strategy and territorial marketing of the various sectors and the search for new foreign investors.
· “Business International Development” activity, conducted jointly with the CCI International, provides companies with support for exports and the development of international partnerships.

Support for foreign investment projects by the International Hub enabled 17 projects to be implemented in 2014 (or 38% of projects).

Read the national annual report:







2014 Annual Report of Foreign Investment in Pays de la Loire, the region attracts industrial projects