The Pays de la Loire Economic Development Agency took part in the Franco-British Offshore Wind & Tidal Event. Organised in Paris on 2 February, this professional event dedicated to marine renewable energies aimed to reveal and accelerate the economic opportunities in a sector that is booming on both sides of the Channel.

With 29 offshore wind and tidal power farms, the UK is a European pioneer in marine renewable energies. France arrived later in this new industrial sector but has seen accelerated development. We estimate that the French offshore wind power market will represent over €300 million by 2021.

The UK Department for International Trade (DIT) organised a BtoB event to give companies a global vision of the British and French markets. The sixth Franco-British Offshore Wind & Tidal Event took place on 2 February at the British Embassy in Paris, with a proven formula of conferences in the morning followed by business meetings in the afternoon.

The Agence Régionale des Pays de la Loire took part in this major international event to meet British companies interested by the region’s dynamism in MREs as The Pays de la Loire are at the forefront in this industry. The first offshore floating wind turbine in France will be installed off Saint-Nazaire in a few months, and the Pays de la Loire will receive two of the first six offshore wind farms in France.

The region has already seduced international MRE actors, including the Scottish company Natural Power, which installed its French head office in Nantes last spring, and the British company Mojo Maritime, that chose Nantes as the location for its first foreign subsidiary.

On course for the Franco-British Offshore Wind & Tidal Event