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The digital trade show Web2day is back in Nantes from the 15th to the 17th of June. The event, which describes itself as “the spring break for startups,” will be welcoming in particular 100 young innovative companies for the international Global Challenge competition. It will also be an opportunity to highlight the Pays de la Loire’s rich digital ecosystem, with a visit by two foreign companies looking to locate there.

In 2015, the seventh year of the event, Web2day attracted 2600 participants and 190 speakers from all over the world, including experts, investors, major groups and startups. This year (15th, 16th and 17th of June), France’s second largest digital trade show will also give pride of place to fledgling companies with a dedicated programme of conferences, a special evening event and free promotion at the booths of Web2day’s village.

The international startup competition Global Challenge will be bigger than ever before for its fourth year, lasting for the whole three days of the show and welcoming 100 competitors (compared to 50 last year). Following pitches made before a jury of experts and investors, eight startups will be selected for the finals. Since the launch, in 2013, more than 70 million euros have been raised by competition participants.

A personalised welcome for two foreign companies

Web2day is a showcase for the excellence of Pays de la Loire in the digital industry, and plays a key role among international competition to attract the best startups. This year, the Regional Agency will be welcoming two foreign companies (from West Africa and Atlanta), which are looking to locate in Pays de la Loire, to the event.

With a personalised programme designed by the regional agency and its partners based in Nantes, the companies’ managers will have an opportunity to speak directly with players in the digital ecosystem and explore digital coworking areas. Over the space of a single day, decision-makers will be able to confirm the potential for economic development and support available to them.

Nantes – startup incubator

Certified by the French Tech label, the city of Nantes has the fastest growing digital job market in France and offers numerous initiatives to help entrepreneurs, such as the Startup Palace. This 1000 m² area, which opened in September 2015 in the city centre, is devoted to open innovation. It is currently hosting two major groups and 23 startups and offers in particular a pre-accelerator service known as ‘Opération Éléphant’.

Web2day: Nantes – the place to be for digital players