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The development of Optilogistic, in Angers, thanks to the Brazilian Maplink company

Maplink, a Brazilian company specialised in cloud-based geolocation and logistics solutions, acquired Optilogistic, the editor of the Axiodis transport planning software based in Angers. Both companies very profitably came together with their respective technologies and business skills, bringing about dynamic growth in Angers. Continue reading

Technocampus Alimentation to boost attractivity of Pays de la Loire’s agrobusiness sector

© Patrick Miara

“Facilitating the access to necessary competencies to innovate, improve the various players’ competitiveness and develop high value-added industries”: the Technocampus Alimentation organisation created by the Pays de la Loire Region is a platform combining research and technology. The ambition is to further enhance this sector’s visibility and attractivity. Continue reading

A connected aerospace factory for Daher

© Region des Pays de la Loire – Vigouroux Perspective

The Daher company has launched a project for the building of an aerospace factory of the future on its site of Saint-Aignan-de-Grandlieu, near the city of Nantes. The aeronautical equipment manufacturer, through this project, wishes to achieve enhanced use of digital means. This project is supported by the Pays de la Loire Region, which is to devote 1 million Euros to it. Continue reading